Welcome to Mykonos Rib Cruising, enjoy a Luxury Private Charter with us

Award and heart winning!

Our excellence awards say we’re the best!

But that’s not all. Because we measure life not by the awards received but by the hearts won.

This is what makes Mykonos Rib Cruising a unique Greek summer experience. One worth living it. It’s not just about a luxury cruise. It’s about the freedom to roam the legendary Aegean Sea and claim it as your own.

It’s about riding the wind, feeling the sun on your face and the sea on your lips, and letting your senses take you away.

It’s about genuine five-star hospitality that comes from within.

Free like the Wind!

So, come aboard and let Captain Nicholas and his soul mate Claudia, to offer you a boutique-style boating experience inaccessible to large conventional luxury charters.

Escape to magical secluded bays, explore pristine coves and unspoiled beaches, and find the hidden gems and secret treasures of the Greek islands.

And what’s more, discover their heart.


Award and heart winning!

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