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Live an everlasting quintessential experience!

Boutique-style and family-run, Mykonos Rib Cruising offers exclusive, award-winning luxury charters around Mykonos and  Cyclades islands, delivering a unique boating experience.

Driven by their passion for cruising the Aegean Sea and exploring its secret beauties, Nicholas, the boat’s owner and your captain with more than twenty years of experience, and Claudia, his soulmate and your amazing hostess, are looking forward to welcoming you on board and treating you with genuine 5-star Greek hospitality that comes right from the heart!

Welcome to our new Princess V65
Luxury Motor Yacht!

Princess V65 Outstanding performance with the elegance and spacious accommodation of a superyacht.
The princess V65 combines dynamic performance and seakeeping of an offshore powerboat with the elegant and spacious accommodation of a superyacht.
with twin high-speed diesels, this latest V hull has been developed to perform at speeds in the region of 40 knots’ and offers superb seakeeping combined with ease of handling.

Living on the water should be a chance to escape from the routines of the rest of the world, to have the freedom to move where you might wish but taking with you the comforts and the atmosphere in which you feel most relaxed.

Our ultra spacious Princess V65 open Luxury Motor Yacht is ideal for daily, weekend and weekly charters, boasting 3 luxurious cabins plus a crew cabin.


Escape to magical secluded bays!

Explore pristine coves and unspoiled beaches, and find the hidden gems and secret treasures of the Greek islands. And what’s more, discover their heart.

Roam the legendary Aegean Sea and claim it as your own! Ride the wind, feel the sun on your face and the sea on your lips, and let your senses carry you away!

Swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters, dive with sea scooters, sunbathe or simply relax, while watching breathtaking sunsets and listening to your favourite music!

Half day charters price starting from 2.980€


Full day charter price starting from 3.450€

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2020 Travelers’ Choice Award placing them in the 10% of hospitality businesses around the globe.

Source: TripAdvisor official announcement August 30th, 2020

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

We are truly honoured to announce to our beloved Customers, associates and friends that we have been awarded with the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the fifth consecutive Year! Our true personal touch leads to a high-class Service.

We would like to Thank each one and all of you, for your top-class recommendations and we are so honoured to see so many of you coming back again to us year by year.

We will remain true to our genuine hospitality and do hope to enjoy with you and our future Customers, for many years to come…


The Mykonos Rib Cruising Team,

Claudia & Nicholas